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Love is in everything. It is the most natural emotion. Yet it is the most difficult to explain. We all want it, we all search for it, and it causes the most pain.

Daily Prompt: Earworm – Give me a reason

Daily Prompt: Earworm. / Just give me a reason I was finally ready to settle down. I thought we were fine, yeah we had everything. So why did you do that? Why would you sleep with her? Just give me a reason … Continue reading

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Nerd love

What did we do last night? Compared and swapped comic book collections –> played Tales of Symphonia (an old rpg for the Game Cube) –> watched Legend of Korra –> snuggled –> fell asleep.  What am I doing tonight? Laying … Continue reading

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I’ve got feels

I have a crush. ME! I don’t do this emotion thing.  He’s all I think about.  I’m constantly checking my phone hoping it’s him. My chest feels tight. My heart is pounding so hard it hurts. What is this? It’s scary…

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