About a girl

I’ve always fought against labels and stereo types, maybe because I just never fit in. No label was ever enough to sum up all of me, until recently. I am among the growing movement of Gamer Girls. Some of my oldest memories are of playing Mortal Kombat with my big brother. I intend to use this site to vent in ways I can’t “irl” because when I say anything poignant or deep I get criticized and laughed at. No one I know will ever see this. This is for me. Maybe I will benefit from some of you, and maybe you will benefit from me. 


2 Responses to About a girl

  1. Hisanik High says:

    Hey, I can’t find your “About” page that explains about you, but yeah, this will do. So the thing is I like how you describe yourself, and I’d like to say that you’re the only one (i know this sounds so lame) :] (” No one I know will ever see this page”<– absolutely agree)

    • Abacus Adds says:

      I know I’m responding a year late, but thank you =) I didn’t make this page to get followers, and be an internet idol. I made this page for me. I made this page to express myself, for myself. And if other people can benefit too, knowing there are other people like them out there, then that’s great =)

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