Normality is Relative

Star Wars Nativity Scene



Its all about fitting in right?

My autistic older brother has a favorite saying Normality is relative, it’s meaning is simple, what’s normal to you may not be normal to someone else.

I think it helped me more than him — After years of trying to fit in I never could understand why it was weird to prefer video games to talking and why people would look at me funny for pulling notebooks (yes plural) out of my purse and writing what no one could see. I would stop a conversation (if you could rope me into one) and start writing or drawing because it was the only way I could express myself.

It wasn’t normal. Not for them. Somewhere I’m sure it is.

A girl that hates shopping? Hates reality tv and painting her nails? How can I relate to other girls? I can’t. I’m not like them. To them, I’m not normal. Not their normal at least.

I used to wonder if I was born the wrong gender. I would be a normal guy. Playing video games and watching Star Wars.

But I’ll never be “one of the guys”, it’s hard when they all have a crush on you. When they have guys night and I have boobs. I love that I’m a girl though. I love my body, I love my hair, I love having my door opened for me. I am finding myself. I am finding my normal. I am happy with who I am, I just need to find other normal people.